Dry Drinking

With labels such as no and low alcohol, alcohol- free and de-alcoholized the alcohol-free category can get confusing. 

To avoid the headache Outfox has created a new generation of drinks which we like to call suitable for 'Dry Drinking'

It’s teamed with a symbol that can be found on all Outfox products signalling that they are suitable for drinking when you’re not.

Our mission is for this symbol to be used widely across the category to make choosing a drink the quickest part of your night out.

All drinks with this symbol are guaranteed to be <0.5% abv. So whilst there may be slight traces of alcohol (similar levels to the amount found in an orange juice or a ripe banana) you would need to consume over 30 bottles of Outfox to reach one unit of alcohol. 

So, if you're looking to dry drink keep your eyes peeled…

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