Our Story

We know that there are times when alcohol isn't the answer. We also know that the soft options can feel uninspiring.

That's why the people at Outfox have been busy beavering away for the last two years to create super tasty options that feel like proper drinks. Drinks that aren't sweet and fizzy. Drinks that go with a meal and should be drunk out of proper glasses. Drinks that don't have lots of calories or sugar so you can keep up with rounds at the bar.

Outfox are wine lovers which helped inspire our first products: Outfox White and Outfox Rose - created with wine in mind. A mix of French and Italian grapes blended with spring water and notes of Sauvignon. Giving a crisp, clean drink without the alcohol so you can drink as irresponsibly as you like....

Served from a chilled wine glass. Cheers!


How it began...

Meet Jess, our founder. A self confessed wine lover. However, a last minute space in a race across the Sahara desert meant getting fit quick. This led to 6 months of no alcohol which showed just how rubbish it can be when a lot of your social life is based around meeting friends in bars...there's only so many lime and sodas you can stomach in a night.

Outfox was born to give options that feel like proper drinks. That come served in proper glasses. That taste like proper drinks and not just a fancy soft drink. 

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