Q: What’s in Outfox?

A: Good question...Outfox is a blend of French and Italian grapes blended with spring water, natural flavourings and notes of Sauvignon to give a crisp, light and refreshing drink. It is the perfect upgrade when you are choosing not to drink alcohol  


Q: Is Outfox 0% alcohol? 

A: Outfox contains less than 0.1% abv. So strictly speaking there are traces of alcohol but in similar levels to what you would find in many juice and botanical soft drinks. Many countries view any level below 0.5% abv in drinks to be alcohol free and not declarable. At Outfox we believe in being totally transparent with our consumers which is why we developed our dry drinking stamp - for more info head over to our dry drinking page


Q: Is Outfox vegan friendly?

A: Yes!


 Q: What are the benefits of drinking Outfox?

A:  Our mission at Outfox is to make your experience of dry drinking better. No more sugary soft drinks or feeling the outsider at a party. Outfox gives you credible and tasty alternatives that keep the rituals you love when you're choosing not to drink. 

Not only that but each glass of Outfox is less than 30 calories so you can enjoy all night guilt free.


Q: So you're another one of those alcohol free drinks...is that even a thing?

A: Apparently so. According to the stats lots of us alcohol drinkers are trying to cut back. Let's be honest the options are still a bit rubbish. We created Outfox with wine in mind. We love wine. but sometimes wine doesn't love us (after a bottle or three...).

Try switching some of those glasses for an Outfox and we're pretty sure you'll be thanking us in the morning....

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