We're super proud to be partners with Alcohol Change UK for 2019 (former merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK) and the Official Non-Alcoholic Wine of Dry January for their campaign this year.


Dry January 


Alcohol Change UK are working towards a future in which society has a healthier relationship with alcohol; where no-one feels they must drink; where the issues exacerbate alcohol harm - like poverty, mental health problems, homelessness - are addressed; and where those who drink too much, and their loved ones, have access to high quality support whenever they need it, without shame or stigma.


Commenting on the Outfox and Dry January partnership, Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of  Alcohol Change UK, said: “It’s fantastic to link with Outfox as our Official Non-Alcoholic Wine Partner for Dry January 2019.

“Many of us feel like we’re drinking a bit too much or just like we could do with some time off. Dry January helps people to cut down year-round, as it shows us that we don’t need alcohol to have fun, to relax, to socialise – or to drink delicious drinks. It’s great that there is now a premium wine alternative like Outfox available that doesn’t taste or feel like a compromise."


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